Feb 17

re:Think apologetics

I want to thank Area Voices for reaching out to me and asking me to share my faith. This is an honor and will be respected on my part anytime I write. Thank you.


I am not a blogger. My experience with blogging is reading them and leaving comments to counter the ones I did not agree with. Other than that I am the new fish here. My name is Adam and I am a Christian. (Sounds like an opening to an anonymous meeting) I believe the bible is the Word of God, that it is without error and will never contradict itself (I’m a rare breed, I know!). That it has been rightly translated through the ages and is applicable and understood today in its correct context. People would say I am easy to get along with and have a good sense of humor. I am a Reformed Christian that has not only studied Christian Apologetics but has also taught it. My opponents would tell you that I lack reason/logic and have a skewed perception of reality. (I enjoy debating with them, and I think they would say the same about me.) But I would say the same about them.

I wanted to type out a quick note to let the people know that I am  here and will be providing some articles in the near future on the Christian worldview and why I believe it to be the truth about God, and that my faith is due to the evidence at hand. This is also a blog for Christians to read and help build them up in the faith and understand the big question; “Why” they believe what they believe.

We live in a very fast paced society that is growing in sophistication and very educated. I believe that it is no longer good enough to just know “what” you believe, but has become crucial to know “why”. I think this is because people tend to believe that if it sounds good and makes them feel good, it must be true. But I would say, just because you believe in something, it doesn’t necessarily make it true. A thing is true regardless of whether anyone believes it or not. This is as true for Christianity as it is for everything else. So in the coming weeks we will endure together the different worldviews and we will investigate them. We will also look at the tough questions of Christianity and see if they hold up. This will include such questions as, “If God is so loving, then why does he send people to hell, how could a good God allow suffering, and isn’t the church responsible for so much injustice?

I believe that the Gospel of God through Christ can be successfully defended in the open marketplace of ideas and that Christians can “Stand Firm” in their faith, and that they have not kissed reason and logic goodbye by becoming a Christian. I believe many non-Christians fail to consider the gospel seriously because no one has ever presented the facts to them cogently. They associate faith with superstition based on emotionalism, and therefore reject it. I can understand this objection by them. But I would say the same thing back to the objector about his or her faith in whatever they claim as truth. The majority of people I have come to know have no idea why they believe what they believe to be true. This is not only a Christian fault, but universal. Regardless of the nature of what one believe or if they understand why they believe it, this blog will help. I will participate in the comments and try to answer questions as we move forward. If you have any questions you would like a detailed answer to, please let me know and I will blog about it.

Thank you, I am looking forward to seeking truth together.


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, WITH MEEKNESS AND FEAR” 1 Peter 3:15

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