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Gay Atheists and the Eye of a Needle.



I have noticed that when this text is read or used by Atheist they completely miss the point. Instead of digging into it they use it as, “Why don’t you forget about what the Bible says about us, and focus on what it says about you!” The is poor logic of the Bible and what it has to say for a couple reasons.


What the Atheist is doing is trying to use a book he doesn’t believe in anyway as a weapon against the Christian. This is not necessarily a bad thing for the Christian. Why? Because it is what we believe and no matter where that truth comes from we are to obey it as if God Himself is telling us Himself. Yes, God may be using an Atheist to help you change.

Notice that the Atheist is disregarding himself but saying the Christian must change. I think this is funny because that most Atheists preach tolerance of all views but yet contradict their very belief by being intolerant of Christians.

So I will accept the challenge that an Atheist offered earlier tonight:

I’d like to do an experiment.  “It would be for every preacher who is against gay marriage to drop that topic and talk about the “needle scripture”.  As often as he condemned gay marriage, he would condemn accumulating wealth. Then, we would see how long preachers were employed.”



Jesus said, “How difficult it will be for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!” His disciples were astonished, as many in the “prosperity” movement should be. So Jesus went on to raise their astonishment even higher by saying, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” They responded in disbelief: “Then who can be saved?” Jesus says, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God” (Mark 10:23-27).

This means that their astonishment was warranted. A camel can’t go through the eye of a needle. This is not a metaphor for something requiring great effort or humble sacrifice. It can’t be done. We know this because Jesus said, Impossible! That was his word, not ours. “With man it is impossible.” The point is that the heart-change required is something man can’t do for himself. God must do it—“. . . but [it is] not [impossible] with God.”

We can’t make ourselves stop treasuring money above Christ. But God can. That is good news. And that should be part of the message that prosperity preachers herald before they entice people to become more camel-like. Why would a preacher want to preach a gospel that encourages the desire to be rich and thus confirms people in their natural unfitness for the kingdom of God?


My challenge to you Atheist is: Stop picking and choosing what the bible says to your benefit and focus on what it says about you. That it is not about us at all, but it is all about Jesus and his works. Know that the day will come where you will stand either on your works or Jesus’ before God.

If you are going to be an Atheist, follow your worldview all the way through and stop borrowing from Theist.


site: John Piper, Desiring God

site: Jon Lindgren, Free Thinkers Fargo


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  1. buzz marick

    Love your Post John,right on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Avatar of Adam Jay Martin
      Adam Jay Martin

      John’s post is the hyperlink, this post was done by Adam Martin of rethink Apologetics.

  2. kay syvrud

    You are SO right. I, too, do not get why an atheist is so hung up on a book he/she says is trash….are they bothered by it because their conscience still works and they know deep inside that thehy are mocking God which has deadly consequences for eternity?
    Atheists have a need to mock the God of the Bible and of Christians….they can not leave itg alone instead of writing about their own “tenets”…maybe because they have none to write about other than trashing Christians and the Bible.

    1. Avatar of Adam Jay Martin
      Adam Jay Martin

      Thank you for reading this! rethink-Adam Martin

  3. buzz marick

    The Glorious Mystery!!!!!!!!! Non Believers cannot and will not understand.

    1. Avatar of Adam Jay Martin
      Adam Jay Martin

      We must trudge that road with them. Faith comes by hearing of the word! The practical application of apologetics is evangelism and the equipping of the saints. Let go out and share our faith that God has given us with them! Amen
      Rethink Apologetics – Adam Martin

  4. buzz


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