Mar 13

Mission Update!


Today I got to pray, and send and see my best friend leave to go help with Theological training to a people who don’t even get a chance to own a Bible, or are not able to afford Seminary school, which there are none anyway. He is bringing books translated in Swahili to Tanzania and conducting training for them, so they can hear and understand the gospel in its fullness.
Please pray for Michael Heitland and Equipping Saints For Ministry as they go into a foreign land and teach and preach the gospel.
God bless brother, I love yaman! We need more Christian men like you.Mission : Kilimanjaro 2013
Length of mission: 14-18 days.
Purpose: To provide critical theological training to indigenous pastors in Tanzania. We will also continue to build relationships with Muslim porters on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.
Itinerary: We will start our journey on the slopes of Kilimanjaro where we will provide evangelism training to Pastors, lay leaders, and porters. We will then climb Kilimanjaro and continue to build relationships with Muslim porters.”Paul commanded Timothy to equip others in a way that was reproducible (2 Tim 2:2). In the tradition of Paul’s charge to Timothy, we seek to train the saints in the faith entrusted to us.” – Michael Heitland

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